The flight

Please find your flight at your travel agent or through the internet. There are normally no problems if you like to bring your own bike. When booking at the internet don’t forget to make reservations for your bike. The cost of bringing your bike may vary among the different airlines. Sometimes you have to include the bike weight in your check in luggage weight and the max weight also varies at the different airlines. Some airlines have a fixed rate.

How to pack your bike:

Use a bike bag or box or just use some insulation tubes.

If you don’t have a bike bag or box try to get a bike paper box from your local dealer or go to your nearest plumber and ask for insulation tubes for AC installations and cover all frame and fork parts.

Take your pedals off, inflate your wheels, turn the handlebar and lower the saddle. Check height, max 1 meter that it will go through the X-ray machine.

Don’t forget!

Check your insurances, that you are fully insured against all kind of occurrences.

Also bring with you a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

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